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Covered Bridges of Indiana

Title: Covered Bridges of Indiana
Category: Arts and Entertainment / Architecture
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Added on: Jan 18, 2004
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Photographic tour of all 91 standing covered bridges in Indiana with locator maps and information for hundreds of other "lost" bridges and Romantic Shelters
Address: 6611 Stearns Hill Drive
City: Indianapolis
Keywords: Indiana Covered Bridge Bridges History Parke Putnam Rush Franklin County
Long Description: Indiana is fortunate to still have 91 "Authentic" covered bridges still standing ... included in this feature are photographs of all these as well as locator maps (except for those on private property). There have been more than 500 of these covered bridges built in the State of Indiana and all have been represented on this site with a home page preserving the structures history and, in many cases, includes a vintage photograph of the “lost” structure. Finally, modern covered bridges, which are classified as "Romantic Shelters," are also listed on this site with homepages including information and photographs for those I have visited. No other State has as an Internet site that describes the history of their covered bridges to this depth making the site a unique portal to the past, to a time when building a bridge required the craftsmanship of the carpenter.