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Alan Patrick Fine Art

Title: Alan Patrick Fine Art
Category: Arts and Entertainment / Galleries
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Added on: Aug 14, 2004
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Original paintings in oil on canvas. Mostly Indiana landscapes in layers of translucent color.
Address: 5809 E. Pottery Road
City: Albany, Indiana 47320
Phone: 765-282-7848
Keywords: art artist pottery painting landscape stoneware porcelain
Long Description: Alan Patrick is a Hoosier artist living in Albany, In. His training was at Ball State University: B.S. 1964, M.A. 1966. His work may be seen on the web site: or at the studio and gallery located in The Bethel Pottery at 5809 E. Pottery Road, Albany, In. 47320. The gallery includes his paintings and pottery.
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 4pm. Sunday Closed Or by appointment