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Fright Manor Haunted House

Title: Fright Manor Haunted House
Category: Attractions / Haunted Houses
Clicks: 11815
Added on: Oct 10, 2003
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Fright Manor is located on Indianapolis' scary southside, where scaring is an art. We are proud to be presenting both Fright Manor and Psychomanthium.
Address: 2400 block of east Southport Rd., on Derbyshire Rd.,
City: Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: 317.767.7540
Keywords: haunted house, haunted houses, haunts, halloween
Long Description: Fright Manor is an old fashioned haunted house where there's a scare around every corner. You may think that you're scared of hospitals now, but wait until you enter Fright Manor Haunted House. You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of blood coursing through your veins, as you will need it when we scare the scream out of you. Can you make it thru all of the bloody gore? Can you sneak by the chain man in the dark? You'll need to pre-register you with our nurse in the waiting room of Morbid Manor Hospital. See if you can get past Doctor Butcher without getting operated on. If you can't get out of Fright Manor, Zombie Rob will take you away in his hearse. Psychomanthium (which means to conjure the dead) is currently going through the torturous three's and giving Fright Manor a torturing headache. We'll attempt to see if we can discipline Psychomanthium again this year. But maybe we don't want to. It's so hard to tame the dead after all and we never can know what to expect from a 3 yr. old. Especially one that likes to play with dead things! Upon entering Psychomanthium, you can visit the zombies in the funeral parlor before we plant them and visit them after we've planted them in our nightmare graveyard. Can you crawl thru the dark and get away from the Junkyard Dog? Our Vampires are for real and they are thirsty for blood. The chainsaw maniacs will be glad to help them find a vein.