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Indiana University Art Museum

Title: Indiana University Art Museum
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Added on: Apr 27, 2004
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The Indiana University Art Museum's encyclopedic collection, ranging from ancient gold jewelry and African masks to paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso, includes over 35,000 objects—paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, and textiles—representing nearly every art-producing culture throughout history.
Address: 1133 E. 7th Street
City: Bloomington, Indiana 47405
Fax: 812-855-1023
Phone: 812-855-5445
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Long Description: Developed as an educational resource, the collection not only comprises excellent examples of the major artistic traditions of the world, it also serves as an introduction to cultures and societies far removed from ours both historically and geographically. The Fine Arts Library, which occupies the top two floors of the east triangle of the building, is Indiana University's main repository for books and journals in the fields of the visual arts, art history, architecture, design, and related disciplines. The collection, which helps reinforce the museum's teaching commitment, comprises approximately 90,000 volumes and 390 periodicals, including collections of circulating slides and plates and a non-circulating collection of over 250 artists' books.