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Complete Hydraulic Service & Sales, Inc.

Title: Complete Hydraulic Service & Sales, Inc.
Category: Automotive / Equipment
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Added on: Apr 3, 2004
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The single source for all your hydraulic repair and sales needs. Free pickup and delivery service in our area. Over 60 years experience
Address: 130 Commerce Park Drive
City: Franklin, Indiana 46131
Toll Free: 1-888-736-5094
Fax: (317) 738-0555
Phone: (317) 736-5094
Long Description: We would like to introduce Complete Hydraulic Service and Sales, Inc. as your newest equipment distributor and service center. Complete Hydraulics Service and Sales, Inc. has been serving the hydraulic equipment industry for more than 60 years! We have recently relocated to our new 13,000 square foot facility which will increase our ability to service a wider range of hydraulic equipment and allow for a heavier stock of inventory. Likewise, Complete Hydraulic Service and Sales, Inc. is expanding its horizons by providing sales and parts service outside the Indiana region with the addition of this web site and national marketing.