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Amerizon Wireless

Title: Amerizon Wireless
Category: Business and Economy
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Added on: Sep 15, 2005
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Amerizon Wireless - Your one Stop shop for Wireless. Local and on-line internet purchasing of two-way radios, batteries and accessories for all popular brand radios. Wireless cell phones, satellite phones, and accessories available on-line.
Address: 3512 Cavalier Drive
City: Fort Wayne
Phone: 260-484-0466
Keywords: Motorola, ICOM, two-way radios, Satellite phones, Cell phones, Nextel
Long Description: Amerizon Wireless - The Wireless Possibilities are endless... Amerizon specializes in providing two-way radio sales and services to business entities that require communication with employees or assets in the field. Beyond traditional two-way radio sales and services, our locations in Indiana and North Carolina have a diversified portfolio of wireless offerings including, broadband wireless products, and wireless networks for business, public-safety, and utilities. All constructed using Motorola's Canopy platform. Products available at each location can now be purchased online. Amerizon's on-line offerings include: the most popular batteries for two way radios, cell phones, Nextel phones and other electronics using battery power. Purchase wireless accessories for Nextel phones, and cell phones used on carriers like Alltel, Cingular, Sprint, Verizon T-Mobile, Centennial and Liberty Wireless. and two way radios. Iridium, Globalstar, and Mitsubishi satellite phones and accessories are also available for purchase online. These satellite phones function just like any other cellular type phone to make and receive calls, when you need guaranteed phone service under any circumstances. Typycal users include Public Safety, Utilities, Disaster Recovery, Forestry, Hikers, Surveyors, and other that need guaranteed phone service.
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5:00pm