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Christian Theological Seminary

Title: Christian Theological Seminary
Category: Education / Colleges and Universities
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Added on: Aug 14, 2002
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An ecumenical seminary arising from a Disciples background, with 30 denominations represented among the student body. Includes details of faculty, admissions, bookstore, programs, library, and events.
Address: 1000 W. 42nd St
City: Indianapolis, Indiana 46208
Toll Free: 1-800-585-0108
Fax: 317-923-1961
Phone: 317-924-1331
Keywords: colleges, universities, university, college, campus, campuses
Long Description: Christian Theological Seminary seeks to prepare men and women for service in the new millennium. While we cannot fully know the scope of this new world, we are confident that excellently trained people will thrive and participate in ministries that bless the people of God. Therefore, the Christian Theological Seminary family is happy to invite you to a place where a culture of excellence in service to God and humanity is being cultivated.