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Indiana Department of Insurance

Title: Indiana Department of Insurance
Category: Government / Departments
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Added on: May 25, 2004
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The Department of Insurance enforces statutes and regulations applicable to the operation of approximately 1,780 insurance companies, the issuance of insurance policies, the handling of complaints, and the dissemination of public insurance information.
Address: 311 W. Washington St., Suite 300
City: Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Fax: (317) 232-5251
Phone: (317) 232-2385
Long Description: The Department, headed by a commissioner appointed by the governor, employs approximately 80 persons. An insurance carrier must meet the standards prescribed by law in order to be licensed and continue operations in Indiana. The Department of Insurance collects the state-required premium taxes and fees paid by insurance companies. The department licenses over 76,000 resident and nonresident insurance agents and administers laws governing the licensing and regulation of third-party insurance administrators, health maintenance organizations, insurance holding companies, reciprocal, preferred provider organizations, and various other entities.