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Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Title: Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Category: Health
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Added on: Sep 8, 2005
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Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in Evansville, Indiana provides professional outpatient imaging and radiology services.
Address: 1120 Professional Boulevard
City: Evansville, Indiana 47714
Fax: (812) 471-3381
Phone: (812) 471-7086
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Long Description: Advanced Diagnostic Imaging provides professional outpatient imaging services in a convenient, service-oriented environment. ADI is owned and operated by board-certified radiologists who have staffed hospital radiology departments for over 47 years. We've brought those 47 years of medical expertise to Advanced Diagnostic Imaging. Along with expertise, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and a friendly, caring staff - all in a warm, upscale environment! All services are performed by registered technologists. A board-certified radiologist interprets the results and a report is faxed or called to your physician the same day.