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Connie's Medical Billing Services

Title: Connie's Medical Billing Services
Category: Health
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Added on: Jan 16, 2004
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Connie's Medical Billing Services' primary goal is to provide cost-effective solutions and valuable products and services to the healthcare community.
Fax: 812-866-1521
Phone: (812) 866-4351
Long Description: Many of our current clients are in the Greater Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky area. However, we offer a toll free fax number and telephone number for our clients. This enables us to easily offer our services nationwide. We have more than 23 years of experience from data entry to coding and code auditing, to claims processing, follow-up, and multi-specialty billing. We also have our HIPAA compliance manual in place and follow privacy guidelines to protect your patient's information. Connie's Medical Billing Services is familiar with all facets of the claims submission, follow-up, and billing process.