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Indy Breast Augmentation

Title: Indy Breast Augmentation
Category: Health / Cosmetic Surgery
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Added on: Jul 26, 2004
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Plastic surgeon Kimberly Short performs breast augmentation and other enhancing procedures in Indianapolis.
Address: 8051 S. Emerson Avenue, Suite 175
City: Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
Fax: (317) 859-8298
Phone: (317) 859-3260
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Long Description: Dr. Kimberly Short, attended Indiana University School of Medicine and continued her residency at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Upon completing her plastic surgery residency, Dr. Short believed that it was important to pursue further cosmetic surgery training in order to offer her patients the latest advances and the best techniques. As a female who has herself had cosmetic surgery, Dr. Short is able to relay to her patients what to expect both before and after plastic surgery. She feels it is important to create rapport and trust with all of her patients and therefore dedicates much of her time to educating her patients about the cosmetic surgery procedures they are considering.