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Friendly Foot Care

Title: Friendly Foot Care
Category: Health / Physicians and Clinics
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Added on: Jun 28, 2009
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We are trained in all aspects of foot and ankle care and surgery, and there are few problems we cannot treat.
Address: 50 W. 94th Place
City: Crown Point
Phone: (219)663-2273
Keywords: foot care, foot pain, heel pain, bunion surgery, heel spur,
Long Description: Patients will find that our office has a large, airy lobby with television, comfortable roomy chairs with sturdy wide arm rests, beautiful coffee table books and magazines, and foot rests so you can elevate your sore feet. Our treatment rooms have calming tranquil colors with seascape photos on the walls, and our specialized “podiatry” chairs are each equipped with heated massaging mats that patients can adjust to their individual needs.