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Demons Funhouse

Title: Demons Funhouse
Category: Localities / I / Indianapolis / Arts and Entertainment
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Added on: Oct 13, 2002
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Demons' Funhouse! The most terrifying haunted house to come to Indianapolis! From the moment you enter Demons' Funhouse, you'll sense the eerie presence and depraved humor of the fiendish clowns who've invaded our funhouse.
Address: 4902 S. Emerson Ave.
City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Fax: 317-823-6343
Phone: 317-466-6667
Keywords: haunted house, haunted houses, haunts, halloween
Long Description: You'll have to dodge your way through the twisted chambers of pain and the macabre clowns with their deadly, diabolical pranks. We were unable to verify if this haunted house is still in business. You may want to call to check for times.