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Broad Ripple Steak House

Title: Broad Ripple Steak House
Category: Restaurants and Bars / Steak Houses
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Added on: Feb 15, 2004
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Located in the heart of Broad Ripple Village, this elegant restaurant, with its dark-wood furniture and crisp tablecloths, serves one of the city's best filets, nearly tender enough to cut with your fork. There are two martini bars, and the chocolate martini rivals dessert anywhere
Address: 929 E. Westfield Blvd.
City: Indianapolis, IN 46220
Fax: 317.202.2343
Phone: 317.253-8101
Keywords: restaurants, food, carry out, eat out, dining, meal, diner, diners
Long Description: The Broad Ripple Steakhouse is a Chicago style walk-up establishment that houses three separate venues: a subdued steakhouse, an energetic bar and a secluded, after hours hang-out called upper room.