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RainSoft of Indianapolis

Title: RainSoft of Indianapolis
Category: Shopping and Services / Water Filtration
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Added on: Dec 17, 2004
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Replacement water filters and air filters for RainSoft Water Treatment Systems. Hydrefiner and Ultrefiner RO Water Filters. Airmaster 03 Air Filters.
City: Indianapolis
Fax: 317-354-9457
Phone: 317-354-9676
Keywords: water filters, water filtration system, air filters, Hydrefiner, Ultrefiner, Airmaster
Long Description: RainSoft of Indianapolis, a distributor of RainSoft Water Treatment Systems, was founded in 2002 with only 2 employees. RainSoft of Indianapolis successfully acquired the business and its customers from a previous RainSoft dealer. RainSoft of Indianapolis is in no way affiliated with this previous company or any other RainSoft dealers. With many dedicated hours of hard work, RainSoft of Indianapolis was able to increase a customer base of loyal RainSoft consumers who are confident that RainSoft of Indianapolis will be around for a long time. Our mission is to conduct business practices morally, honestly, ethically and logically.